Mode Dodeca – Hello from Hyperspace – Audio

The quartet of Brittany Malm (Vocals / Guitar), Jordan Cope (Drums), Austin Sears (Bass) and Zack Chicoine (Guitar), from Austin (USA), who form the maths-rock band Mode Dodeca will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 21st.

Mode Dodeca
Mode Dodeca

The extended compositions on the album (available on bandcamp) have the distinct angularity of maths-rock in to which the quartet infuse a soft lens which gives the tracks an unexpectedly airy and progressive accenting with the songs having a hazy layer which bends the sharp spikes in to polymorphic wafts of curling shapes.

The fifth of the seven tracks is Hello from Hyperspace

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Jouska – Stopped Clock – Audio

The trio of Craig (Guitar), Jimmy (Bass) and Rob (Drums) from Leicester (England) who form the maths-rock band Jouska are planning for an LP next year.



On the 30th of November they released the two track single Lunapark (available on bandcamp), both of which will be on the album, immediately strikes the ears with the finesse of interplay, in what are predominately instrumental compositions.

While being of the sharp angles anticipated by mathematical-rock they have been able to invest a sense of the sharp rebound of a snooker ball cannoning off the cushion of new rubber on a snooker table, which gives the music an unexpected organic ebb and flow.

My pick of the single – the second track – Stopped Clock, this sense of a living and breathing being is further enhanced by a shifting timestamp which gives the music, as well as spiked points, an ever changing signature. It of course does help, to my ears, that a prominent bass guitar proffers strings through the speakers for the listener to pluck.


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吉田ヨウヘイgroup – (Yoshida Yohei Group) -トーラス (Torus) – Video

The Japanese maths-rock sextet 吉田ヨウヘイgroup – (Yoshida Yohei Group) released the LP – AR on the 15th.

吉田ヨウヘイgroup (Yoshida Yohei Group) - AR - artwork

吉田ヨウヘイgroup (Yoshida Yohei Group) – AR – artwork

It was back in 2015 that 吉田ヨウヘイgroup last featured and whilst there is similarity in sound their music has become even more logarithmic in construct and the listener finds themselves pulling out a slide-rule just to remind themselves they can still remember how to use one whilst calculating the relative distribution of the flute, tenor and alto sax, piano, bass guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals and drums contained within the album, while always tuned in to the absorbing compositions which draw fractals around the room.

The second track of the dozen tracks on the LP is トーラス.

ar – 吉田ヨウヘイgroup is available on iTunes.*

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Spiller – Midwest – Audio

The US maths-rock quartet Spiller released the single Midwest on the 21st.

Spiller - photo credit - Brianna Rettig

Spiller – photo credit – Brianna Rettig

The approaching four minutes track (available on bandcamp) pops a selection of ideas, including trad-jazz, emo and maths-rock, into the blender to reveal a song which has an air of melancholia spiked by angular rhythm that has the feel of extemporisation, resulting in a piece that keeps the listeners ears darting back and forth.


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Franchise – Empty Medicine – Audio

The US maths-rock quartet Franchise are due to release the EP Ghost Light on the 14th of July.



Angular spires spike themselves across the room as the first track to surface from the EP launches through the speakers. Empty Medicine finds the listener having ears darting across the radar to catch the sharp breaks of sound. A sludgy undertow of bass and percussion is sliced open by a scalpel wielding guitar that chases the listener with its cliff-edges whilst the winding vocal adds to the chaotic moments, resulting in a track by which Franchise, to their credit, make no accommodation for the audience, challenging them to reconsider their own sterile direction of travel.

By the very fact that I am asking you to tarry with the out-put lets you know I think that Franchise create songs that add to the tapestry of the weave of music through the ages, though I equally posit, many will once again think I have lost the plot – give it time with an open mind is all I ask – open the volume setting a little and hit play – trust me.


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