Steffi Krauth and Mark Wernet from Saarbrücken in Germany form the psychedelic entity known as LOVEBYRD.

LOVEBYRD - psychedelia from Germany


Time slows down to an imperceptible pace as the dreamy fug of LOVEBYRD descends into the room. Shrouded hazes of voices and guitar are just perceptible as the drenching shower of warming reverberating shoegaze encases the brain. Self evidently these are not a duo to add to the playlist for a rave, rather to ease your finger towards when wanting to explore the innards of your mind.

Other than the sense of the expanding time-capsule, what I particularly like about the work of LOVEBYRD is that they are able to balance between leisurely pace and tracks that veer off into monstrously long monologues, with tracks rarely lasting more than five minutes and others not even making the one hundred and eighty second mark, ensuring that the listeners never find themselves disengaged from the out-put.

Just into the second year of their existence LOVEBYRD released their eponymous, just over forty minutes, début LP (which is available on bandcamp) on the 17th and well worth getting to know.


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