The Iron Horses – Marching On – Audio

The Australian rock ‘n’ roll quartet The Iron Horses release the EP Stop To Start tomorrow.

The Iron Horses

The Iron Horses

A release that bounces from the walls as though wearing jump shoes The Iron Horses are able to provide the joyful essence of ‘rock to dance to’ whilst combining it with compositions that have a deeper texture that can also be fully enjoyed while sitting and contemplating the music, yet not compromise either side of the equation.

The second of the four tracks is Marching On, which is my pick of the release as it employs some wonderful semi-tones and a rolling drum that inevitably takes my fancy, alongside guitar which peels from the speakers like the skin being removed from a ripe Orange. Having described the music as easily danceable there is perhaps some inevitably that this would be the least dance-floor friendly of Stop To Start as it heads towards a blues-rock piece, which is what gives it even more depth.

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