Irata – March By Tens – Video

Irata is an alt-rock band from the USA.

Irata - Sweet Loris - artwork

Irata – Sweet Loris – artwork

From the LP Sweet Loris (available on bandcamp) – March By Tens, the fifth of the seven tracks is drenched in psychedelia as Irata deliver yet another song that seems to be far shorter than it is in reality as the approaching four and three quarter minutes zips past in a maze of blurry haze.

Irata are a band who cover much ground in their output, from frenetic metal to even tempered progressive rock, but there is always an underlaying punchiness to their, normally, fairly lengthy tracks which allows them to indulge time without ever becoming self-indulgent ensuring the listener remains engrossed in the material and March By Tens is of no exception.


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