Band of the Month – March 2016 – Readers’ Choice

From time to time The Editors’ Choice for Band of the Month and the Readers’ Choice find congruence – though different bands – very similar in style though an ocean apart.

Manic Pixi - Band Of The Month March 2016 - Reader's Choice

Manic Pixi

For the second time Manic Pixi from the USA, last in June 2015 are the selection for Band Of The Month by those of you who kindly take time out of your day to consider the music featured on Emerging Indie Bands, though consistency does discombobulate my pea-sized brain as the aim is to feature those you haven’t heard not those which you already enjoy.

Sugar Bomb – Manic Pixi is available on iTunes.*

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Band of the Month – March 2016 – Editors’ Choice

It must be the end of the month as it is once again time for the Editors’ Choice for band of the month.

Electric Beans - Band Of The Month March 2016

Electric Beans

From France – Electric Beans.

Sans Modération is available on bandcamp.

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