Ira Lawrence – Inconsistency – Audio

Ira Lawrence is a distorted-folk creator from the USA.

Ira Lawrence

Ira Lawrence

My apologies to one and all as this introduction has been sitting in my inbox since the 12th, but sometimes late is better than never.

From time to time electric-mandolin features as a point of reference with rock bands enabling them to create a sound of difference. With Ira Lawrence it is the first time it has appeared as the only instrument in a garage-acid trip.

Released earlier in the month was the LP MAPAGKAWANGGAWA (available on bandcamp) a just over forty minute, eleven track, album of fuzzy mandolin-folk which nestles into the corners of the room like a happy pet dog gazing in hope of supper.

For those who communicate with me directly even occasionally – my bad temper will not be unknown – so somehow the second piece – Inconsistency – is an appropriate introduction to Ira Lawrence.


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