@ThankGod4itall – Manifest – Audio

The US melancholic-hop project @ThankGod4itall was introduced last year.



The latest track to surface – Manifest is of equally gloomy perspective – reflecting on a world riven by abstract irrelevant petty squabbles, whilst the bigger picture of the grinding down of the populace to merely serve a a failed system becomes lost in the shouting matches. Underpinning the dour countenance lays an hypnotic piano led synthesis.

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Brett Gleason – Expiration Date – Video

The US alt-classics creator Brett Gleason releases the LP Manifest on the 14th of April.

Brett Gleason - Manifest - artwork

Brett Gleason – Manifest – artwork

A longer stay performer on the various sites, having first featured back in 2010,  as always – as exampled in the third of the ten tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) – Brett, in Expiration Date, combines articulated timing on piano with his distinctive baritone voice to deliver a contemplative narrative of the realities of his life and continues to remain a musician unafraid to dig deep in to his psyche, throw it out for investigation and allow others to view by which ever light they presume to assume.

As always, I thank Brett Gleason for being an intensely open and honest creator who despite a lifetime of torment and self-doubt remains able to explore those thoughts with others through the medium of music.

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