Man Eating Lion – Pig Wings – Video

The US heavy-metal quartet Man Eating Lion are finalising details for the EP Swine, Scissors & Twine.

Man Eating Lion

Man Eating Lion

Before hitting play give your neck muscles a stretch, dig out that old leather jacket and be ready to head-bang with good old ’70s Rock ‘n’ Roll.

One can’t help but be minded of the days when Heavy-Metal ruled the air-waves as Pig Wings, from the forthcoming EP, announces its entrance in to the room and precisely why so many of those of us who were around at the time have suffered from tinnitus for decades – and whatever you do – stop being a ninny using those ‘health and safety earbuds’ else you are missing the whole point of loud heavy-metal played loudly.

Turn the volume louder, then louder still – until feel your hair blowing in the breeze of the sound waves of unpretentious rock delivered precisely in the manner it should.


Pig Wings – Single – Man Eating Lion is available on iTunes.*

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