Malcolm Galloway – Velocity – Video

Malcolm Galloway is an ambient-minimalist-classical composer from England.

Malcolm Galloway

Malcolm Galloway

Those of longer stay will recognise the name Malcolm Galloway from the band Hats Of Gentlemen It’s Adequate.

His solo compositions give an indicator as to where some of the more complex constructs of the band emerge.

Velocity, an approaching eighteen minute composition of gradually increasing tempo has an intriguing sense of both calmness along with a hive of activity and one is minded of watching a colony of ants going about their business – each individual frenetic, but, as a body – an elegant flowing stream of quiet fluidity.

The track evolves from a view of the overall colony and slowly zooms in to the individual and the finale becomes a frantic scurry of overlapping loops, prior to closing with a relaxed breath.

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