Beans on Toast – Magic – Video

It has been just over a year since the English protest-folk project of Jay McAllisterBeans On Toast – last featured. On the 1st the latest LP A Bird In The Hand was released.

Beans on Toast - Magic
Beans On Toast

As has proven to be the case with each of the previous nine albums, all of which have had a release date of the 1st of December, the tracks revolve around both personal experiences while cognisant of a wider world.

A Bird In The Hand (available on vinyl directly from the Beans On Toast website) is as much a celebration of the birth of a child as it is a reflection of the supporting structures outside the immediate family – with each of the ten tracks being both upbeat while simultaneously scathing of a society in which the silo has become the norm.

Although I am unable to share my pick of the release – Here At Homerton Hospital – the fourth track, the third track – Magic which I am, serves as fine introduction.

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Caleb Clardy – Magic – Audio

The US acoustic-rock creator Caleb Clardy released the LP Invincible Things yesterday.

Caleb Clardy

Caleb Clardy

An intriguing, roughly forty two minutes, dozen track album which brings much in to the mix. Each of the twelve songs captures a different refraction of the facets on the diamond that is rock’n’roll and stretches from deep southern blues, via americana and on to rockabilly taking many detours along the way, yet the listener at no point feels either confused or short changed, as each song offers a completely engrossing moment of reflection which leads to an enthusiastic anticipation of the song to follow.

The seventh song is the colorado-folk fused Magic.


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