Magic Knut – MouthKiss. Velvet Grounds – Audio

Magic Knut is a Thailand based German EDM creator.

Magic Knut

Magic Knut

With a background in architectural design Magic Knut seeks to deliver an aural depiction of the Urban landscape of the infrastructure of Bangkok, which is ably transported to almost any major conurbation.

MouthKiss. Velvet Grounds from the LP R.A.W. I’m not here to please- Laser Swords, Baby is a fast flowing track that reminds, at dusk, watching lights of vehicles urgently pressing to head to the suburbs with passengers aboard, whilst the jagged edges of the stop start rhythm reminds of the realities. As the song develops so the collisions of sound become ever more pronounced, reflecting on the disharmony between the reality of urban planning and the strategic bureaucratic failures of the promise of freely running rivulets.

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