Madame So – Black is Beautiful – Single Review

The England based French originating alt-rock creator Madame So is set to release the single Black is Beautiful on the 16th.

Madame So - Black Is Beautiful - artwork

Madame So – Black Is Beautiful – artwork

One senses Solange has been in the UK as long as anyone not a WASP can bear with the xenophobia of: The Daily Mail; Britain First; UKIP and a Home Secretary in Theresa May who makes the STASI appear to have been a friend of the people in the GDR as Black Is Beautiful spirals across the room.

Expounding of issues of being a female rock musician and also black to compound the unspoken bars to gaining traction Madame So delivers a smarting stripe in a song which despite the title, is intent on working towards creating a level playing field for everyone regardless of race, sex or orientation.

The pressure zone is expostulated in Black Is Beautiful, with the track becoming ever more compressed as it heads towards its climax leaving the audience to ponder the question posed – Why is colour, sex or orientation an issue?

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Madame So

Originally from Paris (France) now London (England) based Madame So is the vehicle for Solange Moffi to put out her brand of alt-rock.

Madame So - Photo by Carley Dale

Madame So – Photo by Carley Dale

With compositions centred around vocal performance, the over-all out-put of Madame So, does not suffer for the focus, as the instrumentation and percussion feeds neatly to form a frame-work for the voice. Eschewing big-production the music has an earthy realism which has an attraction for its very grit as the lyrics pass commentary of life around with a scornful glance.

The garage rock elements give the guitar a buzzing spotlight that keeps the tracks the frayed edges, whilst the containers of percussion and bass ensure a solid progression. Establishing a live performance schedule both in the UK and France a new single – If Only You Were Dead which came out on the 15th will hopefully broaden the audience as it develops on the themes of the acerbic 2013 début EP Sell By Date.

By working with various musicians Madame So is able to provide the listener with a dynamic sound that catches the mind as much as the feet.


If Only You Were Dead – Single – Madame So is available on iTunes.*

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