V.I.S. – VOX – Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali – Audio

The Macedonian dark-rock band V.I.S. – VOX revealed a track within the past twenty four hours.

V.I.S. - VOX - Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali

V.I.S. – VOX

Although brand new to those outside the band Denot Na Mrtvite Ideali was originally written by Mayo over thirty years ago and the jottings were put together as a track recently.

The brooding countenance casts dark shadows through the room which is counterbalanced by, fleeting, shiny guitar spinning through the ears.

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Kolt from Skopje in Macedonia is the alt-rock quartet of Zlatko Petrovski (Vocals), Nick Velevski (Bass), Tomi Apostolov (Guitar) and Dejan Kotorcevic (Drums).

Kolt - alt-rock from Macedonia


From concept in January to full band line-up in September and a début eleven track LP – Equilibrium – in December Kolt have had an eventful first year.

The music translates this pent-up frustration as Kolt fuse British Blues with West Coast USA rock with a rumbling tempestuousness. In an intriguing format of difference with Kolt it is often the vocal that reigns the compositions as the guitar waves a wand of moon-dust, whilst the percussion is given room to lay out space to explore and the bass forces the compression. This layout works well and the quartet is able to offer semblances of the familiar with the strikingly refreshing.

Kolt is a band I look forward to hearing more of in the future and having gone through the conceptual phase with an impetus and desire to getting out that first LP it will be interesting to hear how much further they can develop both with the song-writing and transferring those thoughts to establish and develop their live stage presence. I wish them the best for 2015.

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A Venus Fly Trap

A Venus Fly Trap from Skopje in Macedonia is the synth-indie trio of Aleksandar Savovski (Guitar / Vocal), Petar Panevski (Bass) and Goran Stojcevski (Keyboards / Vocal / Rhythm Machine).

A Venus Fly Trap - Synth Indie from Macedonia

A Venus Fly Trap

Casting a critical eye at the suburban well tended lawns, A Venus Fly Trap add a social commentary where reality and gloss stand at odds with each other. Smartly run melodies buffer the antithesis of the context of the music giving it greater impact.

The trio use electronics extensively to add the atmosphere to the tracks, which are underlain by a throbbing bass-line, whilst percussion scatters around the room like a trapped fly, giving a sense of panic. Vocal and guitar combine to add the finishing touches to what are undoubtedly well conceived compositions.

A Venus Fly Trap is a band to take for a run-out at pretty well any-time when there are a few minutes to spare as the textures of sounds offer plenty to consider and need to be focused on to allow the material to fully appreciate the music.

Well established in the local environment, their latest nine track LP – Невреме (Storming), which came out in March and is available from bandcamp, gives hopes of a broader international audience, which is richly deserved.

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Vizija (Визија)

Heading, not for the first time, over to Skopje in The Republic Of Macedonia, on this occasion, to find the alt-rock quartet of Marko Dzambazoski (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Marko Gapo (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Liljana Jankova (Bass / Backing vocals) and Siniša Gjorgjević (drums) who make up Vizija.

Vizija ( Визија ) - alt-rock from Macedonia

Vizija ( Визија )

Turn up the bass levels, hit play and watch your speakers march across the room, as Vizija deliver their rumbling sounds. The tracks are steeped with discontent and malaise as the quartet deliver social commentary inside controlled and delightfully structured pieces. The power behind the material lays not in pure volume, rather in the brooding atmosphere the band creates and is a testament to their ability to compose and arrange music to maximum effect.

The additional guitar is used to add layers of texture to the lead guitar, whilst percussion and bass are given free reign to sprawl around ears, over which a pleading vocal reminds me of an aural definition of the 1893 version of The Scream by Edvard Munch.

With just over a couple of years behind them Vizija is a band who continues to have much to offer the world of music.

Once again, unsurprisingly, it is the thunderous bass that I find most appealing.


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Mindless Violence

From Skopje in Macedonia comes Марко КрстевскиMarko Krstevsk – (Vocals), Александар ИлиевскиAleksandar Ilievsk – (Guitar), Стефан РистовскиStefan Ristovski – (Bass) and Кристијан ТодоровKristijan Todorov – (Drums) who make up the agit-rock band Mindless Violence.

Mindless Violence - agit-rock from Macedonia

Mindless Violence

There is an absolute purity in the spittle which sprays out of the speakers as Mindless Violence describe the realities of the world around. Subtly playing in the background is a sense of hope and even a sense of humour, one can’t help but be reminded of The UK Subs. A slight change in line-up over the three years of their existence sees the band remaining true to the sense of travel.

As with many bands I review from this part of the world, there is a scarcity of recorded material (though on this occasion two EPs spread over two years) which reflects on finances and availability of space. The iterations of Mindless Violence also bring to mind the bands from behind the Iron Curtain back in the late ’70s early ’80s who used to manage to smuggle their music out via Hamburg for onward distribution to the fans of new wave.

Whilst absolutely of today and the here and now Mindless Violence speak for generations of the disaffected going back in the mists of time and the stark sounds make this timeless and absolutely relevant.


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