M4REKG – no awe – Video

The Czech Republic doom-rock project M4REKG releases the LP singledom on the 22nd.

M4REKG - no awe


From the forthcoming album – no awe – which lasts for only just over a minute and a half is able to wrest a wretched eternity of isolation with its lamenting accordion and sorrowful lyric.

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M4REKG – That Feeling – Video

M4REKG is a Czech Republic scourge-rock solo project.



Finalising details for the début LP Singleton – That Feeling – the first track to surface from the album cleans out the speakers far better than a dusting will ever do as the vibrating bass-lines shake the foundations to the accompaniment of synthesised harmonica – yet rather than feeling estranged the listener finds themselves drawn in towards the rattling speakers as vocal breaks to distorted low note syncopation and gradually everything clears to a clarity of landscape and one finds themselves peering towards horizons afar with a partly-shaded sunlight warming the pores.

It is the ability of M4REKG to bring together disjointed ideas which flow naturally in to the ears that marks Marek out for future reference and I look forward to capturing the album and his future career.

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