Carradine – Trancemaniac – Single Review

The Luxembourger EDM duo Carradine surfaced with a new track on the 15th.

Carradine - Trancemaniac


With a greater sense of humour than music of theirs featured previously, Trancemaniac, is a track to let loose early in the morning, at that inevitable lull in the party and prior to people drifting off in to the breaking dawn.

The just over four and a half minutes song will allow the mood to re-energise, whilst blending in with the surrounding atmosphere, gradually lifting intensity and tempo as it flows through the dance-floor, lifting the listeners out of their reverie.

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Carradine – For Gain – Audio

Carradine is an electro-metal duo from Luxembourg.



On the 20th they released their latest single – For Gain (available on bandcamp) which is a combination ambient EDM that has been whisked with doom-metal, resulting in just under five minutes of sound which is best served through a full speaker system with sub-woofers shaking their carcasses and tweeters screaming in the ears, allowing the range of octaves to range across the room and inviting the listener to launch themselves, with a partner, in to the mosh-pit and curtain their embrace in a slow interweaving of limbs and passionate lips.

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Monophona from Luxembourg City in Luxembourg is the dark-wave trio of Claudine Muno (Vocals / Guitar / Keys), Philippe Schirrer (Production) and Jorsch Kass (Drums).

Monophona - dark-wave from Luxembourg


Eerily enveloping the room in a cloak Monophona take over the senses with their dark presence and the only point of focus becomes the mesmeric sounds into which the mind gently merges. The trio finely balance instrumentation and electronics, with a haunting vocal that is rounded out by a beat which exudes a tribal hypnotism.

Whilst time may stand still as the brain coalesces with the sounds, the synapses are not lain to waste as the haunting out-put keeps the thought process alive with a steady feed of melancholic apparitions that take over the head.

The compositions are softly played forcing the listener to focus and it is this, alongside the moody textures that gives the audience the experience of a transcendental meditation.

Monophona have been able to bring polar opposite musical influences to form an out-fit which also has the experience to have developed strong self-belief and the musical abilities to turn that confidence into a sound that takes the listener along with them on a fascinating journey of discovery.

To add to the catalogue of material already available a new LP BlackOnBlack is scheduled for release on the 30th.


BlackonBlack – Monophona is available on iTunes.*

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