Band Of The Month – February 2018 – Editors’ Choice

Regular readers will know it is rarely I head away from bustling high-energy guitar to select the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The month – however from time to time it does occur and February 2018 is one of those moments…

Lunakid - Band of the Month February 2018


…From Germany – with a psychotropictronica studio jam to feature the musician Lunkakid – settle back for almost heading towards twenty minutes of the session.

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Lunakid – Little Great Nothing – Audio

The German dystopian-electronica project Lunakid released the LP Disillusion on the 7th.

Lunakid - Photo credit - Jonas Friedrich

Lunakid – Photo credit – Jonas Friedrich

A darkwave of oppressive industrial IDM flows through the room in the approximately thirty six minutes, eight track, album which the audience, on hitting play, becomes completely absorbed as burring loops are overlayed by sweeping electronic waves.

The second track is Little Great Nothing.


Disillusion – Lunakid is available on iTunes.*

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