Big ‡ Brave – Lull – Audio

The Canadian dark-rock trio Big ‡ Brave released the three track single Ardor earlier in the month.

Big ‡ Brave - photo by Pascha Marrow

Big ‡ Brave – photo by Pascha Marrow

A roughly forty minutes release (available on bandcamp) in ArdorBig ‡ Brave create sonics which shake the foundations and rattle the window-frames as the combinations of clumping percussion and crushed guitar unfurl around the ears with the hypnotic vocal, that steps in and out of the foreground, giving the music a menacing beauty.

The extended tracks have an experimental drone feel to them as the unremitting darkness of instrumentation is delivered within a narrow register of notes.

The middle piece, which also adds bowed strings, being Lull.


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