Cold Ocean Lies

Cold Ocean Lies is the Brit-gaze quartet of Luke Marvin, Arran Bick, Harry Lehmann and Luke Brickett Haycock from Lichfield in England.

Cold Ocean Lies - Brit-gaze from England

Cold Ocean Lies

Distortion, echo and reverb surround a ’90s brit-pop spine allowing Cold Ocean Lies to offer music which harks of the familiar, whilst heading to territories new. There is a solid rock base to the sounds which are embellished with flourishes of gothic architecture and luxurious shimmers of guitar which capture the attention, this is all overlaid with a vocal that gives it the ’90s reference point.

The combinations work well, allowing Cold Ocean Lies to create compositions with plenty of eddies of attraction, without it ever straying into the self-indulgent as the bass / percussion keeps the material tightly knitted.

Having only had the opportunity to hear three of their songs, all of which approached from different angles, it will be interesting to find out how things develop longer term, for now a more than satisfactory clutch of tunes and given their expanding live performance circuit it shouldn’t be long before Cold Ocean Lies gain greater traction.

I look forward to hearing more. Whilst Cold Ocean Lies have released a two track single The Game, fairly typically of me, I have selected as the song to introduce them, the only one of the three that didn’t make the cut onto the release.

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