The New Zealand synth-rock quintet DEAF will be releasing their début and eponymous EP later in the year.



At present there is only one song around (available on bandcamp) which comes from the forthcoming release – TRUANCY.

There is a brooding darkness of overarching melancholia which drifts through the track which is counterbalanced by brightly lit vocal and glistening fret-board rotating around the two synths that holds a reference of retrospective to early Factory Records releases which enables the quintet to deliver a just over four and a half minutes reveal of haunting beauty and I look forward to hearing more in short order.

Those of sharper hearing may recognise the voice of Luke Kavanagh from the drone outfit Sunken Seas.

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Sunken Seas

Sunken Seas the ambient drone outfit from Wellington in New Zealand is Ryan Harte (Vocals / Bass), Luke Kavanagh (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Jack Hooker (Guitar) and Samuel Lovrich-Fitzpatrick (Drums).

Sunken Seas - ambient drone from New Zealand

Sunken Seas

Sunken Seas have a couple of releases behind them and deliver music of the moment with a sawwing buzz of guitar reverb. Whilst there is a differential between their debut LP Null Hour and the follow-up EP Cataclysm there is a thread to follow as the droning mesmerics of the material wafts around the room in a flux of merging sounds. The music bubbles with societal discontent and is an imagery of change. The oppressive industrialisation sears its way into the head allowing the listener to contemplate the visuals that are created. Turn down the lights, turn up the volume and let yourself drift inside the sound that is Sunken Seas.

Somehow appositely, given the melting pot of fracture and coalescence that is the signature sound of Sunken Seas, from the various notes I have found it appears the band emerged from Tiddabades and have recently undergone another line-up change since their latest release, so it will be interesting to hear how the formulation of the new line-up will sound in future recordings.


Cataclysm – EP – Sunken Seas is available on iTunes*

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