President Ray-Gun

President Ray-Gun is the alt-rock quartet of Zachary Whittaker (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Chant (Guitar), Sarah Booth (Vocals / Bass) and Tommy Grant (Drums) from Manchester in England.

President Ray-Gun - alt-rock from England

President Ray-Gun

The music streams into the room as though collecting eras along the way as inside the tracks minders come of ’60s brit-blues, progressive rock of the mid ’70s, britpop and indie but rather than sounding like mashed potato, there is a delightful bite akin more to a well prepared roastie as President Ray-Gun take the influences and invests them with their own garnishing.

There is an outer-space almost psychedelic feel to the sounds as the quartet stretch apart the notes as though dealing with low gravitational forces and the listener can’t help but be fascinated listening to the slowly tumbling material as it winds around the room.

President Ray-Gun are not languishing lazily in the measured pace of delivery as underneath the calmness bass and percussion can be heard bubbling away, whilst the two guitars snake around each other creating an out-put that is filled with textures and the inter-play with the two vocals enables them to deliver tracks of wide range.

Formed a couple of years ago President Ray-Gun have recently added a fourth player to the line-up (Luke) and I look forward to hearing what 2016 brings forth.

The six track LP Sex, Ray​-​Guns & No Delay, released on the 12th will with fortune allow President Ray-Gun to garner a wider audience.

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