New Year Ninety 2017 – 60 to 51

The Readers’ choice for the New Year Ninety – breaking in 2017 with the best emerging musicians of 2016 –  the section from 60 to 51.

King Neptune - New Year Ninety 2017

King Neptune


60. To Kill A King (England)

To Kill A King is available on Amazon.*

59. Superhumanoids (USA)

Come Say Hello – Single – Superhumanoids is available on iTunes.*

58. Shagging Ponies (Netherlands)

GREATEST tITS – Shagging Ponies is available on iTunes.*

57. Parks At Night (Canada)

Bright Red is available on Bandcamp.

56. Jesse Ruben (USA)

55. LU&CIA (Uruguay)

The Trip is available on Bandcamp.

54. King Neptune (USA)

53. Tongues Of Fire (USA)

52. Tibet (Wales)

51. The Poulsons (England)

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LU&CIA – The Trip – Audio

The Uruguayan alt-glissé trio LU&CIA are set to release their début LP The Trip on the 11th of March.

Lu&Cia - The Trip - CD

Lu&Cia – The Trip – CD

As those of longer stay and those who connect with me personally know – Uruguay is the South American team with which I associate myself during the World Cup and as so few bands from Uruguay wend my way it is of little surprise I would give it listening space. As you equally know, if it wasn’t something I also thought I should take your time out to take a listen to I wouldn’t be sharing it here.

Made available just over an hour ago – the title track combines light-fantastic with a spontaneous vocal resulting in a track that is perfect for an after dinner sojourn as dancing in embrace so hands go cheek to cheek in a thread of easy stepped bossa-nova that intertwines legs and invites further déshabillé as a matter of some mutual emergency.

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