Library Voices – Zzyzx – Audio

The Canadian garage-gaze band Library Voices are set to release the LP Lovish on the 6th of November.

Library Voices

Library Voices

The septet merge one into the other in Zzyzx that merges into the ears like watching chocolate slowly melting. Library Voices is able to take the listener from solid mass to viscous flow in a track that lasts a tad over three and a half minutes and the audience is left wishing there was a double extension in which to continue to be massaged.

The highlight, for me, is the catalystic wind instrument, which during the course of a bit-part player in Zzyzx evolves into the fulcrum around which everything relies.

Zzyzx is the fourth of the eleven tracks on Lovish.


Lovish – Library Voices is available on iTunes.*

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