Lovely Bad Things – Hiding To Nothing – Audio

The US garage-gaze band Lovely Bad Things live launched the EP Homebodied on the 18th at The Observatory in Santa Ana in the USA.

Lovely Bad Things - Hiding To Nothing

Lovely Bad Things

Hiding To Nothing is the first track, for those of us further afield, to hear as other than in live performance Homebodied won’t be around until the 31st.

An introspective piece which reflects on the tumultuous journey that has dogged them these past few years. Rather than being a track of negative connotation it is a piece of positivism that with perseverance and persistence, even when seemingly flogging a dead horse, there is a possibility that the barriers will finally come crashing down.

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Lovely Bad Things – Teenage Grown Ups – Audio

Lovely Bad Things is a US indie outfit.

Lovely Bad Things

Lovely Bad Things

With howling derision of a world that doesn’t care Lovely Bad Things take a swipe at societal disconnect in the title track of their forthcoming LP – Teenage Grown Ups. A track that has been released as a single in advance of the album.


Teenage Grownups – Single – Lovely Bad Things is available on iTunes.*

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