Lost Colours – Karman – Audio

The English psychetronica duo Lost Colours were introduced last year.

Lost Colours - Karman

Lost Colours

They released the LP Talking In Technicolour, which is available on bandcamp, last week.

The eleven track, approximately fifty seven minutes long, album is a multi-textured release which, akin to hanging crystals catching light and playing the refractions on the ceiling in a mesmerising array of colours, captives the listener from the opening minute to the last.

Compositions range through a disparate thread of instrumentation and electronica giving the album its varying intensities and contexts, while calmly escorting the listener through its journey of downtempo soundscape without ever feeling jarred.

My apologies to one and all, although this has been in my radar for some time, along with the various intervening releases over the past year, I have managed to miss everything, even coming to this one late – such is the state of my administration.

However rather than take up even more time – my selection from the LP is Karman – the seventh song.

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Lost Colours – One Space Left – Audio

Lost Colours is a new English psychetronica project.

Lost Colours - Photo credit - Tom Martin

Lost Colours – Photo credit – Tom Martin

Having spent the past year tucked away in a studio working on their ideas, which thus far consists of seventy tracks and over four and a half hours worth of music, in advance of an eponymous EP due out in April and an LP later in the year, along with an eight piece live band tour – the duo of James Howard and Martin Allinson have revealed their first original song – One Space Left.

An expansive track, which, akin to the natural physics of pressure equalisation fills the room with billowing clouds of sitar, electronics and instrumentation in an unhurried just under four and a third minutes composition which takes the listener on a carpet-ride of hypnotic texture and weave leaving the audience staring through kaleidoscopic eyes long after the sounds have drifted past the ears.

On the basis of On Space Left – I will not politely queue, as is the wont of us in the UK, rather reach forward for the grab-rail to ensure that one space left is claimed to join in with the luscious start of the journey of Lost Colours – an outfit I look forward to hearing much more from in short order.


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