Los Trasgos Muertos

Los Trasgos Muertos from Manchester, England, is the alt-rock trio of Captain Reed (Bass / Vocals / Organ), Von Beek (Guitar / Vocals) and Il Fleishe (Drums).

Los Trasgos Muertos - alt-rock from England

Los Trasgos Muertos

Musical acceptance changes as decades past and while at the zenith of Hawkwind I lived for three chords, I can look back and enjoy what I then disliked and you are wondering what that has to do with Los Trasgos Muertos…. Combining the Mr. Kilmister of Hawkwind with the Mr. Kilmister of Motörhead I find myself in the fusion of what may have been and what a great space this is to languish inside.

Relatively newly formed after knowing each other for many years, the trio decided to join their musical experiences into the unit of Los Trasgos Muertos and the world is a better place for it.

Guitars swoop around the room like lost clouds, harrying percussion gathers up the trailing whisps as a ferocious bass crashes against the wall, whilst scantily dressed keys allow the band to change pace and refractions at will. Bringing it all together is a vocal that joins up the seemingly disparate pieces of the jig-saw and it all works well.

Having had the opportunity to run through their nine month catalogue of music the sharp shift, from rock-a-billy, to their latest pieces is pronounced, though welcome as in their current focus Los Trasgos Muertos are able to mark out territory for themselves as a relevant sound for the ’10s.

Most recently an eponymous EP , which is set for release on the 2nd February, which draws on the expressive compositions thus far composed and marks a fine release worth spending time with to get to know Los Trasgos Muertos.


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