Los Doggies – Come And See – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Los Doggies released the LP Heddagabalus on the 20th.

Los Doggies - Come And See

Los Doggies

A seven track, approximately three quarters of an hour, album (available on bandcamp) of vaguely experimental progressive mantle which snuffles through the room exploring all sorts of nooks and crannies and takes the listener on a journey of unexpected jewels.

There is nothing extraneous to the tracks or Heddagabalus as a whole, in a release that is best approached in one sitting, with the listener finding themselves fully immersed in the fantastical chapters, even given there are three songs running to over seven minutes and only one coming in at less than four.

My pick of the release being Come And See, the third composition.

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Los Doggies – As If It Were So – Audio

The US prog-rock trio Los Doggies released the EP Ear Op on the 8th.

Los Doggies

Los Doggies

Much like the genre suggests from which ever opening point you start to listen – be it at the beginning or even midway through one of the four tracks on Ear Op (available on bandcamp) the construct of the compositions means they can all be put on a loop of continuity that will leave your mind lost to its own imagination as the music prods and probes various cortical and subcortical parts of the brain firing up flares of abstractly connected networks.

The closing number is As If It Were So.


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