Los Bélmez – Sucio Verano – Audio

It has been a little while since the alt-rock quartet Los Bélmez from the Balearic Islands last featured.

Los Bélmez - Sucio Verano

Los Bélmez

With a different sound to their more normal fare Sucio Verano was released on the 7th as part of the eighteen track compilation LP Estiu d’Infern (available on bandcamp) put out by the Mallorca based label Discos Polo celebrating both the best of the underground musicians across the islands as well as welcoming in summer.

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Los Bélmez – Tramuntana – Video

The Balearic Islands alt-rock quintet Los Bélmez released the LP El Novio de la Muerta on the 23rd.

Los Bélmez - El Novio de la Muerta - artwork

Los Bélmez – El Novio de la Muerta – artwork

A change of line-up and the addition of saxophone since their introduction in 2014 finds Jaume Ramón on Bass and Jonás Salvador on Saxophone joining Jonatan, Ginés and Carlos. This caused a slight delay in the release of El Novio de la Muerta, which you will notice the artwork was created in anticipation of a release in December 2015.

Tramuntana, the fourth of the ten tracks on El Novio de la Muerta (available via bandcamp) is a slower pace, though equally scornful than previous material featured and the extension from a quartet to a quintet allows Los Bélmez to expand on the themes of their work, which gives them the room to slow everything down a little and furrow a more melancholic line.

Rather than raw punches Los Bélmez now deliver concealed menacing tones with guitars crawling around each other as bass and percussion set the ominous presence which makes the music even more intriguing.

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Los Bélmez

Los Bélmez an alt-rock quartet based in Palma de Mallorca on the Balearic Islands of Spain comprises of – Carlos (Bass / Keys), Ginés (Drums), Alberto (Guitar) and Johnny (Vocal).

Los Bélmez - alt-rock from Spain

Los Bélmez

Switching between acoustic and electric guitar allows Los Bélmez to inject their music widely, from garage rock fuzziness to psychedelia and the sparsely played keys are used to add a twist of the Wurlitzer where appropriate.

Formed a couple of years ago Los Bélmez write songs which reflect of the surrounding area with material seeking to describe traditions, superstitions and life in Spain from the perspective of those who don’t feel they fit into the mould. This gives the out-put something of an ethereal feel, to which the quartet are able to inject well defined structures that keep the tracks from evolving into lengthy dreamscapes.

Having established a live performance following a début LP Españoladas came out earlier this year and there are plans for a follow-up in the near future – Centinela de Occidente.

Los Bélmez have chosen a path which gives them clear space, whilst also not verging off to the obscure, allowing them the opportunity to find an audience across a wide berth of interest.

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