Alfie Ryner

Alfie Ryner from Toulouse in France is the experimental-jazz quintet of Paco Serrano (Saxophone / Vocals), Guillaume Pique (Trombone / Keys), Loris Pertoldi (Drums), Guillaume Gendre (Double-bass) and Gérald Gimenez (Guitar).

Alfie Ryner - experimental jazz from France

Alfie Ryner

You may well be as surprised as I am that something with the title ‘jazz’ features. Think more of a brandy and Gauloises perfumed cellar as Alfie Ryner take the audience on a whimsical journey of discovery. The quintet utilise all the elements contained therein to allow the audience to drift into flights of transcendental meditation as the music wends its way around the room.

Although the constructs are of experimental nature, there is equally sufficient flow of refrains to allow the listener to not be thrown into a state of confusion, rather Alfie Ryner gather up the mind and take it on a cosseted voyage of discovery. The counter-plays between the instrumentation which are each deployed on various tracks to different emphasis, afford the quintet the opportunity to travel considerable distances, but there is always a balancing continuum which threads through the lengthy tracks, that can extend towards the eight minute mark.

Well worth setting aside the time to explore as Alfie Ryner add much to the world of music.


Brain Surgery – Alfie Ryner is available on iTunes.*

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