Look, Orion! – Searchlights – Video

The Swedish gaze-wave quintet Look, Orion! released the two track single Live Session on the 4th.

Look, Orion! - Live Session - artwork

Look, Orion! – Live Session – artwork

Despite the number of players Look, Orion! never seek to add volume to their output, rather immersive layering in which they deliver both angular polygons as well as gently arcing waves, delivering an output in which the listener can spend time to explore the deftly interwoven counter-balances.

The first of the two tracks on the single (available on bandcamp) – Searchlights –  was also revealed with an accompanying video.

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Look, Orion! – A Volatile Mind – Audio

The Swedish glaze-rock quintet Look, Orion! released the EP Stages on the 7th.

Look, Orion! - photo by James Monk Design

Look, Orion! – photo by James Monk Design

Pull in the shutters and settle back to enjoy the journey of sound with Look, Orion! who deliver a rich palette of colours as the guitars flow between maths-rock angularity and immersive echoing shoegaze with punctuation marks of bass providing the compositions with their context, from which the percussion rolls around the skins and steel providing the direction of travel that the guitars find themselves drawn towards, as the canvass is completed by a voice which has a distinct emo reference point.

Yet, despite the disparity of ideas contained therein Look, Orion! have the craftsmanship to hone it all into a coherent flow in which the audience can, with pleasure, drift quietly for the ten seconds under twenty two minutes of the sublime Stages (which is available on bandcamp).

My selection from the EP is the second track – A Volatile Mind.

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