Extra Spooky

Extra Spooky is the angular-indie quartet of Henry McCoy (Guitar / Vocals), John Cohill (Bass / Vocals), Spenser Nikitin (Guitar) and Logan Patrick (Drums), with other instrumentation and players as makes sense,  originally from Akron in the USA, who have just moved to Los Angeles (USA).

Extra Spooky - Marbles - artwork

Extra Spooky – Marbles – artwork

The guitars dance gaily across the room like spring lambs, giving the material its maths-rock sentiment. Bass and percussion spend the tracks attempting to herd the six stringers into some sense of order and this enables the songs to build momentum as the pieces develop as, they further they extend so the more boisterous the guitars. Vocal operates as the shepherd bringing it all together, allowing Extra Spooky to create music that has a vitality and a slightly experimental air.

The quartet are unafraid to challenge the listener and whilst not easy to get to grips with from the off. Extra Spooky are well worth investing time to get to know as once the key is unlocked they deliver sounds that keeps the audience entranced by the variety and conundrum.

Having established a loyal following in their home town over the past few years, I wish Extra Spooky continued success in their new locale.


Marbles – Extra Spooky is available on iTunes.*

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