johnny utah – Elliott’s Song – Audio

The US lofi creator johnny utah released the eponymous LP on the 8th.

johnny utah

johnny utah

A six track album (available both as a cassette and a digital download through the Slovakian label Z Tapes on bandcamp) that meanders through the room in muzzy waves, akin to attempting to focus the eyes after a night out in a bar and similar to the blurry vision, while the brain relaxes in its hazy cloudiness, so the the listener is equally left with a sense of pleasurable disconnection.

My pick of the release being the third on the LP – Elliott’s Song.

I am unable to provide a website or social media page as, currently, neither of which exist.

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Broken Swans – You Don’t Like Me Anymore – Single Review

Broken Swans is a Norwegian lofi project.

Broken Swans

Broken Swans

Broken Swans has only recently come to the table, with three tracks revealed in the past couple of months.

The most recent of which is You Don’t Like Me Anymore (available on bandcamp) – a fragile composition which the listener senses is likely to fracture even as it surfaces out of the speakers as the frail feathers flutter in tender strains of introspective soliloquy lain on a bed of laced acoustic guitar.

Broken Swans is a musical entity possessing of a gentle grace which I look forward to hearing more from in the coming year.

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Pale Green Things – North Winds Of Ontario – Audio

The English lofi project Pale Green Things releases the EP The Beast In The Hearts Of Men on the 6th of November.

Pale Green Things - North Winds Of Ontario

Pale Green Things

A four track release (available on bandcamp) which has a retrospective texturing that minds of walking in to a sweet-shop in the ’60s with its vast array of bottles and multifarious scent – tempting the handing over of weeks pocket money for a few bags of favourite confectionery.

Predominately the acoustic guitar takes the foreground in The Beast In The Hearts Of Men as the quietly measured vocal drifts through the room – my selection being the penultimate which additionally introduces bowed strings – North Winds Of Ontario.

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Indoor Cats – O My – Audio

The US lofi quartet Indoor Cats released the EP Heading West on the 18th.

Indoor Cats

Indoor Cats

Somewhat appropriately named Indoor Cats reveal music which is soft focus paw and wetted claw as the diffused songs on the EP (available on bandcamp) unfurl themselves from the speakers akin to a morning stretch whilst laying in bed still half-asleep after a good nights sleep.

My pick of the release, of course, goes pretty well against the grain of text previously written with the rockabilly fused second piece – O My.

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douglas alan font – pastel – Single Review

The US lofi project of douglas alan font released the single pastel on the 14th.

douglas alan font

douglas alan font

In pastel (available on bandcamp) on hitting play the room is shrouded in a dark introspective tale of internal turmoil which sends shivers up and down the spine as the eviscerating duality of vocals meanders through the ears as though trapped inside leaden boots sinking in to a pool of cement – with the listener being taken through flashes of life reflection spiralling towards ever more morose thought process, whilst in contrast the backdrop of music becomes more positive of mood, prior to finally depleting in to surfacing bubbles of final breath captured by spluttering keyboard resting to a silence that lingers in the mind.

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