Shagging Ponies – Living on the Road – Video

Shagging Ponies the glam-rock quintet from the Netherlands are releasing their début LP – GREATEST tITS on the 6th of February.

Shagging Ponies - GREATEST tITS - artwork

Shagging Ponies – GREATEST tITS – artwork

In a world of political correctness gone wild, like a Fallopia japonica growing in the garden, it is good to stumble across musicians who are exactly what they say on the tin – and Shagging Ponies make no pretence they are in the music business to bring smiles to both the audience and themselves, which they achieve with boundless enthusiasm, humour and creative ability.

The opening track of the thirteen, Living On The Road, is one of the tamer tracks on the LP, which as a whole is probably not intended for the tender ears of the 20-somethings’ who are more used to plastic wrapping and find not being ‘on trend’ some sort of abomination and still wonder why Lady Chatterley’s Lover was ever allowed to be published but I have more faith that you, as a regular reader, appreciate the real world is one in which you are allowed to be outside the box rather than always being ‘on message’.

Flouncing out of the speakers like a prima donna seeking audience Living On The Road spins across the room to blousey guitars and frenetic percussion to which the falsetto scream adds only more pleasure before developing into a track that demonstrates the ability of the quintet to create good time rock’n’roll that will have you reaching for your own air-guitar whilst loosing foothold in a hiatus of carefree dance-steps.


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