Rabbitfoot Capers – Living On Brandon’s Hill – Video

It was a year ago that the English band Rabbitfoot Capers first appeared.

Rabbitfoot Capers - Living On Brandon's Hill

Rabbitfoot Capers

It is for bands such as Rabbitfoot Capers that the initial concept for the website Indie Bands Blog was started back in 2009. It won’t meet the expectation of many, it won’t ever hit the mainstream – but the quartet – to me – epitomise why being a music journalist is such a pleasure.

I may well be of only a small group of delighted listeners, but from this small number – thank you for doing what you and and do keep doing it.

A song about a small patch in a small city in a small country in a small world in a larger universe – however – Living On Brandon’s Hill makes all of that space seem better.

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