Dexters – Can’t Sleep – Video

Dexters from England were first reviewed back in November 2012 and appeared again in the New Year Ninety for 2014.



I don’t often post live videos, though I wish I could more often, as in many cases either the lighting or audio makes enjoying the video difficult. Recorded at their gig at The London Garage on April 4th Dexters play Can’t Sleep.

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COWTOWN – Perfect Sound Forever – Video

The English band COWTOWN recently took part in one of the overnight Screensaver gigs.



Live from London at 03:00 – Perfect Sound Forever.

COWTOWN is another band I must get back to for a full review as soon as I am able.

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Indie Music Tips #8 Performance Options With Paul Liddell

Paul Liddell a singer songwriter from England joined me for episode 8 of Indie Music Tips.

Paul Liddell - indie music tips

Paul Liddell

In this conversation we talk about various ways to play to live audiences from the stage to the living room.

More on Paul Liddell.

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Indie Music Tips #1 – Live Music

For those who know the old website – I am back on the Indie Music Tips series, which for the future will be audio posts.

Tim Whale - Indie Music Tips

Tim Whale

This is the 1st in the series as it makes sense to let the new readers catch up. Live Music, which I recorded with Francesca Baker who is involved with Shoreditch Radio as well as her own website – And So She Thinks.

After a lengthy delay – I would once again be interested in talking to people who have their perspective on ‘how to make a go of it’ for Independent musicians. If you would be interested in adding your thoughts, please drop me an email to tim @