Molino – Villain – Video

Molino, the alt-rock band from the Netherlands are finalising details for a new LP.

Molino - Villain


A live version of the track Villain, which will be on the album and is from the more forlorn song book of theirs, has recently surfaced and sets the scene for a release I look forward to discovering more from in short order.

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hedia – wearedissolved – Single Review

The US multi-disciplinary artist Bryce Hample who performs musically as hedia released the one track plus a live version drone single wearedissolved  yesterday.



Atypically of drone the song rather than being linear in structure is a series of, what are as described in the song title, dissolving pulses.

The studio version is of synthesised instrumentation which launches and builds in intensity prior to fading in to a paused silence before emitting once again –  minding of a slowed rendition of a cardiac cycle waveform.

Typically of drone the pieces are not brief with the studio version running to a margin under twenty two and a half minutes.

The live version, lasting almost sixteen and three quarters minutes, which is my pick of the release – is played slightly more rapidly with the sharp edges of the bow clearly carving through the speakers adding an intensity which is not present otherwise. The more explicit fading to silence is however not as dramatic, making both (available on bandcamp) well worth investing the time to explore.


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Hartyga – My Kargyraa – Video

The Russian alt-rock band Hartyga will be releasing the LP Amyrsanaa on the 11th of September. Those in Kyzyl can, in advance, purchase physicals versions from the Tuvan Cultural Centre at 7 Lenin Street.

Hartyga - My Kargyraa


The final track on the album My Kargyraa was recently performed as a live version at the Sziget 2018 festival in Hungary earlier this month, this being approximately a minute shorter than the studio version on the LP.

Longer stay readers may have forgotten the band name Hartyga as it was back in 2016 they last featured – though will be likely to immediately recollect the traditional Tuvan throat singing of Nachyn Choreve.

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Roots Rising – Love Burning – Video

Roots Rising, the dancehall undecim from the Netherlands are nearing the release of their slightly delayed EP The Root Sessions now scheduled for next month.

Roots Rising - Love Burning

Roots Rising

From the five track EP a live video version of Love Burning was made available on the 8th.

While generating a good time ambience, the music always has an underpinning message of critical eye of the the ills in society.

Already securing pan European tours the release of the EP will, with fortune, raise their profile to an even broader audience.

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Gena Perala – Lucky One – Video

It has been a few years since the Canadian musician Gena Perala last featured.

Gena Perala - Lucky One

Gena Perala – Lucky One

Word arrives that work is underway for a new triphop LP, therefore you will readily identify this country-rock live performance of the new track Lucky One isn’t going to be on that album – however, regular readers will also know I am a sucker for certain instruments – slide guitar being one…

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