Roots Rising – Love Burning – Video

Roots Rising, the dancehall undecim from the Netherlands are nearing the release of their slightly delayed EP The Root Sessions now scheduled for next month.

Roots Rising - Love Burning

Roots Rising

From the five track EP a live video version of Love Burning was made available on on the 8th.

While generating a good time ambience, the music always has an underpinning message of critical eye of the the ills in society.

Already securing pan European tours the release of the EP will, with fortune, raise their profile to an even broader audience.

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Gena Perala – Lucky One – Video

It has been a few years since the Canadian musician Gena Perala last featured.

Gena Perala - Lucky One

Gena Perala – Lucky One

Word arrives that work is underway for a new triphop LP, therefore you will readily identify this country-rock live performance of the new track Lucky One isn’t going to be on that album – however, regular readers will also know I am a sucker for certain instruments – slide guitar being one…

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Sex With Strangers – Dull Kisses – Video

First introduced in 2014, Sex With Strangers, the Canadian electro-goth quintet last featured in 2015, making an update more than overdue.

Sex With Strangers - Dull Kisses

Sex With Strangers

One change in line-up with Hayley Ray (Keys / Vocals) replacing Alexis Young (Vocals / Keys) along with one Single, two EPs (one – Curses – released last month available on bandcamp) and one album in between does mean that I have missed a fair amount of happenings, a sadness for which I apologise.

A live performance video of an unreleased track – Dull Kisses – most recently surfaced, I merely desire that I will be more up to date in keeping you abreast with the activity of the quintet in the future.

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Collider – Glockster – Video

Collider is a Danish progressive-folk quartet.



From a recent live session the track Glockster surfaced, which articulates of their breadth of influences and abilities to turn those ideas in to complex compositions which hold the audience enthralled.

Jazz, blends in to gaze, only for angles of maths-rock to spike the curves while becoming creased in to folksy flute yet all allowed to hang in compressed and expanded texturing… Best approached with an open mind and time to hand as in likelihood the listener will find themselves digging the collection of late ’60s and early ’70s LPs in which to reminisce.

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Liv Slingerland – Come Back To Me – Video

Liv Slingerland is a US alt-rock project.

Liv Slingerland - @cheese7224

Liv Slingerland – @cheese7224

With only three tracks available for those of us who haven’t been able to catch live performances of an outfit that is beginning to gain wider traction.

The three songs are each of different texturing, one being a rock driven ballad another an indie inspired composition the third, which was recently caught in live studio performance, the brit-bluesy Come Back To Me.


Come Back to Me – Single – Liv Slingerland is available on iTunes.*

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