Sharkmuffin – Little Bird – Video

The US garage-grunge trio Sharkmuffin release the LP Tsuki on the 5th of May.

Sharkmuffin - Tsuki - artwork

Sharkmuffin – Tsuki – artwork

The fourth of the fifteen tracks on the roughly thirty seven minutes album (available on bandcamp) Little Bird – marks a welcome return the site by Sharkmuffin after an almost two year gap, with their familiar flattened notation and blurry guitars.

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Little Bird – Bring It On Home – Audio

Little Bird is a grunge-blues band from Canada.

Little Bird

Little Bird

My apologies to every one for the delay in getting to this. Back in September Ronny Bernard (Vocals / Guitar) and I first exchanged emails and at the tail end of November I was alerted to the release of their eponymous three track single on the 30th of that month (available on bandcamp), I have only now caught up with it and I am actually typing this on the 11th, though you won’t see it until the 15th. The messenger, on this occasion, deserves to be shot.

Combining dirty guitar with crowded echoing vocals Little Bird surface with music that creates its own timbre in the space in which it is played as the counterpointing bass trips to the percussion creating a distinctive sound in which the listener burrows their ears, like a mole digging tunnels in the dark, to expose a store of roots and warmth in which to rejoice.

I am aware that Little Bird have more songs in their pockets, which I look forward to being able to feature, hopefully in a more timely manner, but for now have revealed only three and my pick of the selection is the middle number – Bring It On Home.


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