Eve’s Twin Lover

Tim Flood (Vocals / Guitar), Owen Cooper (Bass), Lindsay Verstegen (Vocals / Keyboard), Will Phalen (Guitar) and Taylor Dunlap (Drums) from Chicago in the USA form the melting-rock band Eve’s Twin Lover.

Eve's Twin Lover - melting-rock from the USA

Eve’s Twin Lover

As you will have gathered by the genre descriptor the output of Eve’s Twin Lover will not have you pogoing around the room, it will however hold you entranced by the luxuriant ambience which takes over the spaces. Like an arachnid imperceptibly building its web so the quintet deliver content that will, unbeknown, have you wrapped in the silky threads.

The subtle keys are the fulcrum by which Eve’s Twin Lover is able to wrap the sounds beguilingly into the mind, to which softly spoken brushes of drum-skin create the textures. The bass unhurriedly steers the tracks forward, whilst the guitars build the layers from which the voices are able to gently flow into the ears. What is there not to enjoy with music that is best taken with the scent of Patchouli Oil?

Formed a few years ago, much like their music Eve’s Twin Lover remain understated, which is a great pity as they add considerably to the world of music and one can only hope that the mesmerising just under fifty minutes LP – Fable Bait, which was released last month and set for first live play through on the 12th at Hideout in their home town, will find them a far wider audience, with their music which transcends both decades and geo-political boundaries.


Fable Bait – Eve’s Twin Lover is available on iTunes.

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