Socially Altered – Limbo – Single Review

The Indian introspective-electronica project Socially Altered was introduced last year.

Socially Altered - Limbo

Socially Altered

The newest track Limbo, due for release on the 21st of July on bandcamp, is a reflection of disturbed sleep patterns and on understanding the concept the discordant careening of electronics, instrumentation and vocal that surface in to the room, makes perfect sense, in what is an expressionist composition, though unlikely to hold the attention of those who like their music neatly aligned with a clear direction of travel.

The various elements slip in and out of alignment, clash with each other on timing and key as Limbo aurally depicts the nature of broken slumber.

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 40 to 31

The eclectic range of musical styles that appears on Emerging Indie Bands is reflected in the readers choice of bands for the New Year Ninety 2015 in the section 40 – 31.

New Year Ninety - The best independent music

New Year Ninety – The best independent music

40. The Tommy Drums (England)

39. CNGRTS (Germany)

Cngrts – Single – Cngrts is available on iTunes.*

38. A Venus Fly Trap (Macedonia)

37. Social Arcadia (USA)

36. Irmandade Eletrorgânica (Brazil)

35. The Rapports (England)

34. Pussy Riot (Russia)

33. (Brazil)

32. Limbo (Portugal)

31. Le Galaxie (Ireland)

Carmen [feat. MayKay] – Single – Le Galaxie is available on iTunes.*

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Limbo from Chaves in Portugal is the alt-rock quintet of Marcos Barroco (Vocals), Cardus (Guitar), Bruno Barroso (Guitar), Litos (Bass) and Tiago Ventura (Drums).



Fulminating pent-up rage bubbles across the floor like acid eating into metal as Limbo cast a scant eye around the world. Yet the frustrations are held in check to deliver compositions which rely on melodic construct to deliver their acerbic perspectives and it is the juxtaposition of the two, which gives the material an understated mannerism, that marks the quintet out for consideration.

The bass / percussion combinations speak of the frustrations and sit in tandem with the vocal, whilst the guitars are given time and space to add the colour palette to the sounds and the end result are sounds that are able to carry the tracks, which typically extend well over four minutes, keeping the audience engaged with the progress.

Originally a six piece, one of the guitarists left recently and it will be interesting to see if Limbo is able to continue to generate their expansive textures of guitars with only the two.


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Rural Ghosts – Limbo – Audio

Rural Ghosts from the USA have their debut LP – the nine track City Of Elms through Lorem Ipsum Recordings, coming out on the 1st October.

Rural Ghosts - City Of Elms - cover artwork

Rural Ghosts – City Of Elms – cover artwork

The trio with their enigmatic haunting style have, in advance of the release, which I have had the opportunity to listen to and a fine debut it is too,  here is track two Limbo.

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