Bleach Girls – Like You – Single Review

The Australian new-wave duo Bleach Girls released their début single Like You on the 14th.

Bleach Girls

Bleach Girls

Bleach Girls create music that needs to be heard on a constant loop, loudly, as their combinations of  minimalist drum-kit and guitar with vocals eloquently demonstrate that less is more.

The pulsating tempo thumps straight in to the brain as Bleach Girls unceremoniously hurl the listener straight on to the dance-floor leaving the body flailing happily with the party. The fuzzy guitar gives Like You a sublime graininess that when combined with the sliding vocal leaves the audience feeling all the better for having sipped the nectar.

The only sadness is that there is only the one song around (available on bandcamp) for those who don’t have the opportunity to see them live and I am looking forward to hearing more of their music. With fortune word is that an EP – Hi! – is soon to be released.

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