Juliana Daugherty – Light – Audio

The US sadcore project of Juliana Daugherty will be releasing the début LP – Light – on the 1st of June.

Juliana Daugherty - photo credit - Tom Daly Photography

Juliana Daugherty – photo credit – Tom Daly Photography

A couple of tracks have surfaced of the ten on the album (which is available on bandcamp) the most recent being the seventh and title Light.

The fragile sparse opening reveal of Light held by keys and vocal draws in the listener as the emotionally expressive voice captures every nuance in a feathered delivery and it is the very nature of the desolate isolation which affords the song its hypnotic beauty – merely ensure you have a handkerchief near to hand to wipe away the tears.

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LIGHT – This Is How It Feels – Audio

The Australian dark-melody creator Luke de Zilva who performs under the sobriquet LIGHT teamed up with the Australian noir-drone creator Henry Lloyd Wilson to release an LP earlier this month.

LIGHT - photo by Patrick Ewing

LIGHT – photo by Patrick Ewing

LIGHT / Henry Lloyd Wilson – an eight track album that is available on bandcamp which distils dark shrouding shadows through the room  – though rather than reaching for a noose the listener finds themselves enraptured by the lugubrious soundtrack that wraps around the ears as it undergoes sublimation.

The opening song is This Is How It Feels.

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Kabreet – ضوّ (Light) – Single Review

Kabreet known locally as كبريت (Matchsticks) is a newly formed rock band from Syria.



With one track to hear – ضوّ (Light) is a track that has a sense of progressive rock with a subtle synth as backdrop whilst retaining punchy edginess to it as highlighted by bass and percussion while the guitar provides a bluesy blouse to the material rounded off by vocal which resonates of tradition. Enabling Kabreet to deliver a track that has a global reach and a welcome insight into their determination to get on with being creative and doing what they enjoy despite the ensuing chaos around them.

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