Rxchelle – Light Me Up – Audio

The Canadian electro-light creator Rxchelle is planning a début EP for next year.



On hitting play you may be wondering if I have lost the plot – as vocoders and glitzy pop techniques surface to the fore, but the reason I am asking you to take a linger in a genre very rarely featured is to contemplate the quality and texture of composition and even after denuding the auto-tune there is a vocal which entraps the audience like a honey-pot in its sweet nectar.

Rxchelle is a musician I wish every success in her career, even though it is not a path we will necessarily cross very often, for the ability to draw in disparate themes and emerge with a track far more than the sum of its parts.

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Flyte – Light Me Up – Video

The English Indie band Flyte released a single last month.

Flyte - Light Me Up - artwork

Flyte – Light Me Up – artwork

From a live performance – Light Me Up.


Light Me Up – Single – Flyte is available on iTunes.*

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