Band Of The Month – October 2018 – Editors’ Choice

This month has been slimmer on reviews than normal, for which I apologise, I have been distracted by other aspects which have taken out much of my time – however despite that there has still been plenty from which to select the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for October which is…

Hawelka - Band of the month October 2018


…From Germany – The electro-rock trio Hawelka.

Stadt Aus Licht is from the LP Liebe Oder Hass which is available on bandcamp.

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Hawelka – Der Taucher – Audio

The Stuttgart (Germany) electro-rock trio of Petr Novak (Vocals / Guitar), Jan Georg Plavec (Synth) and Christian Seyffert (Drums), known as Hawelka, release the LP Liebe Oder Hass on the 19th.



Introduced on the video only site back in 2016Liebe Oder Hass (available on bandcamp) has a more pressing and compressed delivery, with the keys giving the songs a muddy resonance as they blur the sides of guitar while percussion pulses the eardrums as the expressive vocal gives the material a gritty texturing.

Der Taucher is the second of the nine tracks on the album.


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