Kolo Tamam

Kolo Tamam is the alternative sound of Iain North (Acoustic guitar / Vocals / Viola), Philip K. Marzouk (Guitars / Vocals), Lucas Holt (Samples), Olly Mitchell (Bass), Liam Mullany (Keys / Vocals) and Sophie Wozencraft (Drums / Vocals) from Manchester in England.

Kolo Tamam - alt ambience from England

Kolo Tamam

Although only newly formed, getting into gear this year, Kolo Tamam have already worked out the balances between the players and effects available, which enables the sextet to provide the audience with precisely spaced music that floats around the room comfortably. Given the wide range of influences that exist within the band, on the basis of the three original songs I have had the chance to hear, it will be interesting to see if the internal harmony can be retained over the long term. Highly competent musicians with the ability to write songs, that is a melting pot of potential discontent.

Currently exploring the extent of their repertoire, as would be expected, Kolo Tamam do not yet have a signature sound, although ambient electronics lays through all the tracks thus far available and they balance the activity going on within the six players, whilst allowing the listener to lay back in the chair and allow their mind to drift to the accompaniment. The name is not just a random choice as it translates as ‘everything is cool’ which befits the out-put.

I look forward to hearing how the band develops in time and will I hope to be coming back to Kolo Tamam in due course. Inevitably I select a sound to share with you that is the most rootsy, bringing in Kwela beats in the final minute of the six minutes twenty three seconds, but you knew that was a given.

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