LeX – PainKillers – Single Review

The US hip-hop project LeX released the single PainKillers yesterday.



The composition tackles a reality which has, and continues to affect, many – addiction to prescription medication. By not sinking in to bitterness or self-pity Painkillers is able to narrate a stronger message.

As regular readers know I am always fully in support of musicians who are prepared to put their own realities of life to inspection for others to dig in to the entrails and make of what they will.

Set to a soundtrack of urban hip-hop the song takes on the powerful – oppressive air of frustration of the genre.

Mugen! The Human

Mugen! The Human

As suggested in the full single name – PainKillers (feat. Mugen! The Human) [Prod. 4k], this is a collaborative piece with Mugen! The Human.

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Mindful – Lex – Video

Mindful is a dance-metal quartet from Australia.



I know by now you will be thinking I have completely lost the plot with a genre descriptor of dance-metal – bear with me for a moment or two prior to contemplating I am off in to cloud cuckoo land.

In Lex, their début release, Mindful seek to weld two distinctive concepts –  indie-light and thrash metal –  and whilst it is true there are some lumpy seams, as a first offering, the quartet excavate a direction of travel which does seem to have potential for mining hidden diamonds and I look forward to hearing future material as they finesse their hand.

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