Levy & The Oaks – Another Night Out In Asbury – Audio

The US indie-rock trio Levy & The Oaks released the LP Sound Of The City yesterday.

Levy & The Oaks - Another Night Out In Asbury

Levy & The Oaks

Last featured in 2016, Levy & The Oaks have moved their brushes to a different medium with much of the album being of light textured indie-dance and far from their blues-rock derived earlier music.  That doesn’t mean to say they have completely drifted away and the latter end of the album is more dipped in the earlier paints, making the penultimate song Another Night Out In Asbury my pick of the release.

Sound of the City – EP – Levy and the Oaks is available on iTunes.*

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New Year Ninety 2017 – 20 to 11

Now reaching the thick end of the New Year Ninety 2017 chart –  in to the top twenty countdown from 20 to 11.

I would like to make a special reference to my co-founding partner – Julie Norbury –  of the original site in the last decade – who died in 2011 – as always my inspiration for keeping writing music reviews.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

20. Harry Howard And The NDE (Australia)

Pretty – Harry Howard and the NDE is available on iTunes.*

19. Kabreet (Syria)

18. V.I.S.-VOX (Macedonia)

Songs You’ve Always Wanted to Hear, But You Couldn’t Find! – V.I.S. Vox is available on iTunes.*

17. Love Ghost (USA)

16. Hunter & The Bear (England)

Won’t You Ever Come Home is available on Amazon.*

15. Shambolics (Scotland)

14. Dappled Cities (Australia)

Many Roads – Dappled Cities is available on iTunes.*

13. Levy & The Oaks (USA)

12. Thee Open Sex (USA)

Splits is available on Bandcamp

11. Jordana Lilly (USA)

Step into the Light – Jordana Lilly is available on iTunes.*

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Levy & The Oaks – Slowly In The Water – Single Review

The US blues-rock trio Levy & The Oaks will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 21st of October.

Levy & The Oaks

Levy & The Oaks

With some pleasure for those of us who still enjoy bars with straw-dust strewn floors they are releasing, as a stand alone single –  Slowly In The Water tomorrow.

An aural journey in to the history and roots of rock ‘n’ roll Slowly In The Water combines both jump blues and western swing with lashings of slide in which the listener can with comfort turn up the speakers, as far as they will go, to revel in the bellowing delays in guitar while the percussion insists the feet keep twisting whilst the back-ground braked honky-tonk piano gives it all the sound of a faded Southern Bar from which a 2016 vocal spires – affording the track a timeless engagement.

One has to give full credit to Levy & The Oaks who have been able – akin to those who truly understand rock’n’roll – to take what is essentially a parochial sound and give it international resonance that can equally find a club in Ibiza with a packed dance floor as a saloon in a dusty out-post in Missouri gathering around Slowly In The Water.

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