Valley Hush – Letting A Flower Die – Single Review

The US electrowave duo Valley Hush released their latest single – Letting A Flower Die – on the 24th.

Valley Hush - photo by Katie Boone

Valley Hush – photo by Katie Boone

Their music has a signature sound of contrasted ranged highs and lows comprised of electronic loops and soft beat drops – Letting A Flower Die continues in similar theme in what is a very crowded market place.

Marking the song out of the general mêlée of the genre is a remarkable and impressive voice which, in this track, is given greater spotlight and room to express itself than previous music of theirs and thereby also seemingly creating more sharply defined electronica loops and resultingly generating a distinct space and distance of its own identity.


Letting a Flower Die – Valley Hush is available on iTunes.*

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