Junkyard Choir – Oh Have Mercy – Video

Junkyard Choir is a blues-rock duo from England.

Junkyard Choir - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - artwork

Junkyard Choir – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – artwork

The growling dirty guitars that rattle their way through the speakers are joined by an equally rasping voice and you will find yourself reaching for a packet of Capstan Full-Strength and a Whiskey to accompany Oh Have Mercy, the third of the eleven tracks on the LP Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Junkyard Choir do not try to gentrify their music allowing the duo to deliver music that connects directly with the audience without filter, giving recorded material a genuine and confident poise. I haven’t had the opportunity to see the duo live, though on the basis of the recorded material I have heard, I would guess this is a band that works well in live performance too.

It has been a while since Junkyard Choir released new material, something I hope they are able to rectify later this year.

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