Young Earth – Let Go – Audio

On the 7th the Irish indie quartet Young Earth will be releasing the EP Frequency Illusion.

Young Earth - photo credit - Chris Basford Photography

Young Earth – photo credit – Chris Basford Photography

The last of the five tracks – Let Go – was revealed yesterday.

Perhaps the most expressive and layered track of the EP with a marked slowing down of pace in the opening segment and a song which is highlighted by shimmering echoing guitars and the depth of bass giving the composition a feeling of sadness – unsurprisingly – making it my pick of the release.

Frequency Illusion – EP – Young Earth is available on iTunes.*

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Winstan – Let Go – Audio

Within the past twenty four hours the English rapper Winstan released the latest couple of tracks.



Frequently surfacing with new material each of different temperature, of the two that surfaced most recently Let Go caught my attention.

A track which challenges the desire of chasing ‘perfect looks and lifestyle’ as espoused by style magazines, resulting in plastic lives, plastic bodies and plastic intentions whilst extending the offer – that it is perfectly normal to just Let Go and enjoy the moment for the moment it is, not the moment someone else informs is what is meant to be ‘enjoyable’.


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Silver Shields – Let Go – Audio

The English psychedelic-shoegaze outfit Silver Shields were introduced earlier this year.

Silver Shields - Let Go

Silver Shields

Their latest track – Let Go surfaced a few hours ago a five and almost half-minute of shimmering reverb that captures the mind taking the listener off on a relaxing journey of dreamy psychedelia.

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