Lena Laki – Stab – Video

The England based gothic-folk creator Lena Laki was introduced earlier in the year.

Lena Laki - Take Me With - artwork

Lena Laki – Take Me With – artwork

From her début EP – the five track Take Me With (available on bandcamp) the middle number – Stab has the underlying darkness of the Lena Laki music previously featured, though with more extensive use of acoustic guitar there is, surprisingly -given the context of the song and haunting voice, a dappled sunlight that peers into the room.

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Lena Laki – Take Me With – Audio

The gothic-folk England based creator Lena Laki is set to release her début EP Take Me With on the 15th of April.

Lena Laki

Lena Laki

The first track to surface from the EP is the title number – a haunting composition of strings and bows which drip like condensation from the walls immediately curling the floor to a meadow of mycological intrigue as the sweet scent of rotting timber permeates the room.

There is a dampened beauty to the laissez-faire magisterial progress of the rising and falling instruments which inveigle themselves into the very core of the listener as the instrumentation cloaks all in earshot. A contemplative voice which hazes across the ears emotes of saturnine perspective and the audience becomes lost in the forest of despondency with its beguiling beauty that holds closely to the heart.

My apologies to everyone concerned for only now getting back to an email that has lain in my in-box since the 7th as, judging by Take Me With, this is an EP which needs adding to the turntable once available.


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